Meet Marla

I have been brokering mortgages in the Cowichan Valley, BC since 2004 and before that brokering in Calgary, Alberta.  I hold my license in all British Columbia and Alberta for more than 20 years.  Assisting people with their financing has been my lifelong passion.

I started my career in real estate as a real estate paralegal in Calgary, Alberta. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn the law surrounding buying and selling homes in a busy market.

Unfortunately, I found myself powerless when clients were frustrated with their lack of knowledge on the mortgage product they had signed for, frustrated when having to deliver payout penalties to clients charged by banks when breaking their mortgages and an overall lack of information buyers had about their financing options.

Aren’t we all sick and tired of surrendering to a set of rules set out by our current lender and assuming that’s it? There are many alternative options available but we assume we have dealt with the same bank for so many years and the options offered by them are it. Don’t settle until you have explored all your options.

The best way to describe coming to me to explore your options regarding new financing starts with great service. Unlike the banks which will offer you a few products, I build your mortgage to suit your needs and then find a lender with the best rates!

Overall, you walk away understanding the new mortgage you have signed up for and understand the fine print no one else bothers to tell you about.

If you are self employed with little income claimed, a first-time home buyer on a fixed income, in a tough credit situation, an investor looking for options or simply a client who wants a better understanding of your options, you need to call an independent professional looking out for your best interests.

Aren’t you wondering, “What’s the catch?” Here it is: I don’t get paid unless I find you a mortgage that funds. 99% of the time the bank will pay me a finder’s fee to bring you to them which reverts outside your loan. I’ll find you the best rate depending on you situation and leave you with a sense of relief knowing you are educated on one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

You get great service, independent advice, and the best rate available. I truly enjoy helping clients reach their goals and don’t you deserve the best?

If you aren’t convinced yet…give me a call to discuss your options on your new purchase, switch mortgage or equity take-out!!

Marla Daniels Martin –