Choosing the right Mortgage Broker can save you $1,000's!

saving moneyFinding the best rate is a FREE service to our clients!  More lenders are competing for your business.  That’s why more than two out of five Canadian mortgages are now handled by a Mortgage Brokers.

Just as an Insurance Broker finds you the best deal on insurance, a Mortgage Broker finds you the best deal on a mortgage.  We have over 50 lenders to chose from which offers a wide variety of rates to ensure you get the type of loan you want, not the only loan your bank offers.

I provide easy-to-understand terms and explanations.  I know what GDS, PIT, ARM, etc mean and can explain these  and everything you need to know in terms you understand so you go into your contract feeling knowledgable.

I only get paid when your deal funds therefore it’s in my best interst to make sure you get the best mortgage I can find.  The best part is, in most cases, the bank pays my finders fee so you get the best service, the best rates and it won’t cost you a dime!

Want to know more?  Call me anytime and I would be happy to look at your details.

Marla Daniels

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